Posted by: Grant | January 3, 2014

More Propoganda From AUS ABC.

Unfortunately for science and reliable weather forecasting, the head of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology is a highly political appointment.
This present one, a Greenie named Neil Plummer, picks his words very carefully in this mutual masturbation session with his fellow Greenies at ABC News 24 this morning but that probably will not save him (The new Cabinet says that it’s “socialism masquerading as environmentalism”)

2013 was hottest year on record in Australia, Bureau of Meteorology says.

Here he is pointing out that temperatures have only risen less than one degree while the ABC superimposes claims of 1.20 degrees above average – Lies, damned lies and statistics!

Capture-1All Australian records go back to 1910. The trend over that period is a little short of a degree warming over that period, where most of the warming has occurred since around about 1950, and that’s consistent with the global pattern,”

If he were more objective he would point out.

Global warming has been an unremarkable 0.8 degrees, nothing special, well within the normal range.

The slight rise of 0.8 degrees in the global temperature includes normal, natural, fluctuations that would have occurred anyway.

While there has only been a slight rise in global temperature, there has been a spectacular, almost exponential rise in fossil fuel burning over the past 60 years since WW2.

Global temperatures did rise following the recent cold period and the world has prospered, but they have now plateaued. Clearly human global warming is being neutralised by “natural forcings”. No need to panic.

Australians are sick of this superstitious alarmist rubbish every time we get a summer heatwave.
They don’t believe it.
Greenies have cried “WOLF” once to often.

Our power bills have doubled because of it, all for nothing.



  1. Pick up a science book or at least learn what the “Scientific Method” is. Your knowledge in this area is severely lacking.

    • Thank you for noticing my blog.
      What makes you think that “Climate Change” is science?
      Science predicts. Climate Change “projects” and projects very badly. If you have any specific issues with my science I can back it all up with good references.

  2. […] aussie government broadcaster has let us down very badly on Climate Change. See below – and here – […]

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