Posted by: Grant | January 7, 2014

Aussie Gov. Ditches Carbon Penalties.

~meI have warned that The Liberal Party’s “Direct Action Plan”, while mostly harmless and platitudinous, contains the sting of penalties for companies that increase their carbon output.

But then I was comforted by the declaration by the new Cabinet that the Carbon Tax was “socialism disguised as environmentalism”.

The latest Green Paper, sneaked out over Christmas, has removed the penalty.

Apart from that, the Liberals are doing exactly what they said they will do – here They are “inviting submissions” as promised.

They will do exactly what the public want – declare that they are savin-da-planet, but doing nothing too images7PT2DUCJexpensive and nothing too futile about it.

They will also lock up and starve the failed, sterile, “Climate” gravy train – hope-u-dinit-have-shares-innit!

No penalty for carbon polluters
| January 07, 2014 12:00AM
paywalled, see here –

Green paper Taking strong action to cut emissions without a carbon tax – media release 20 December 2013


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