Posted by: Grant | January 16, 2014

Stupid, Ignorant, Superstition Down Under.

meanwhile_in_AUSA Heatwave – Beawdy!

While North America recently suffered record cold temperatures, Prince Harry had to call off the race to the pole, the Antarctic record sea ice trapped intrepid greenies and the snow season dragged on into December, the huge multi-billion dollar “Climate” industry have been blest by really hot weather on a small part of the Earth, Australia.
Their representatives, the Climate Council, are rushing out a report that capitalises on it.

Since The Bureau Of meteorology is now only saying that the heatwave is “consistent with” alarmist claims, not that it is caused by global warming, the AUS ABC went to the self-appointed Climate Council.

Australian heatwaves more frequent, hotter and longer: Climate Council report

The AUS ABC have been calling it “extreme heat” in every second sentence, in triumph, (see, we told you that your power bills must double!!) all week and they offer no balance in their reporting as usual.

The average Australian was probably hoping that the doubling of their power bill would have stopped the heat wave or at least the power blackouts when they really need their air conditioning.

The heatwave cannot, of course, be “Climate Change” yet because Climate Change is caused by global warming and global warming is a pathetic, insignificant, 0.8 degrees C. The Globe is very slightly warmer but the warming trend stopped 15 years ago.

But let us leave the final word on this to Prof Will Stephen 3min 55 secs into this interview, back when he was trying to explain away the Australian floods….

” …The other point I would make is there is obviously a lot of natural variability in the climate system, which still continues to operate. We never ever look at long term climate trends, on a few years. In my view you need a minimum of 3 decades, and if you have more than 3 decades that’s much better, When you look at it on that time frame there is absolutely no doubt the climate system continues to warm, ah precisely as we expect…. “


So floods have to be seen on a multi-decadal scale while every heatwave that comes along is Climate Change – Hmmm.

Of course what they “expect” is as variable as the weather itself!
They cited UNIPCC models – WRONG!
After the floods, which they clearly did not “expect”, they are now trying to explain away the “pause” in the global temperature, a “pause” they clearly also did not “expect” as well.



  1. No power bills have doubled.

    • Thankyou for your response. I use “doubled” in its generic sense. The ABC “Fact Check” says “Over the past five years, electricity prices have skyrocketed. From June 2007 to December 2012 average electricity prices rose by 70 per cent.” That was a year ago and bills are not going down since then, so it is probably up around 80 per cent by now or very soon will be. The Carbon Tax gets worse and worse as time goes by. I stand by “doubled”.

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