Posted by: Grant | January 19, 2014

Global Cooling!

Mid winter and record cold and ice in the north and time for some superstious fears in the Mainstream Media. This time on global cooling, would you believe?

Is a mini ice age on the way Scientists warn the Sun has ‘gone to sleep’ and say it could cause temperatures to plunge

Scientists baffled as Sun activity falls to century low

This BBC Greenie seems completely oblivious to the logical fallacy of not knowing how the cooling Sun and GHGs and human activity are going to interact yet still claiming that the world will warm dangerously.

BBC News – Has the Sun gone to sleep


~meI personally believe that we are in for a period of global cooling, all the indicators are there, AMO, PDO, Solar Activity etc., etc., but there is no way of proving it. Give it another 100 years.
It is, of course, a fundamental flaw in Climate Alarm, that we need a baseline of temperature without a human influence so that we can add the human caused effects to it and see if it will be bad. At present either something is neutralising global warming or it just isn’t happening.
UNIPCC claims that “natural forcings” can be ignored in the short term are now patently false. “natural forcings” are still here, with a vengeance.

The average punter would just like to see some positive result from his soaring power bills. Alternative “Renewables” would seem to have failed us badly. No viable baseload alternatives have emerged.

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