Posted by: Grant | January 25, 2014

Monckton Groans At The WEF

The World Economic Forum gets hijacked by climate alarmismclip_image002_thumb11
Guest essay by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley
Posted on January 24, 2014  by Anthony Watts

…Yet there was no particular reason for alarm about our effect on the climate in 2011. What had happened? Perhaps the usual suspects, having failed in their big push for a total shutdown of the West at Copenhagen in 2009, looked around for new international bodies to capture and eventually lit upon the politically-naïve World Economic Forum.

I use the word “naïve” advisedly. For the Davos risk report, even by the low standards set by climate-change bed-wetters everywhere, is an exceptionally hysterical and overblown document. The WEF has gone full stupid…. “

” …Now, the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report makes it quite plain that one cannot yet attribute any extreme-weather event to “global warming”. It specifically states that there is no discernible additional risk of cyclones, storms, droughts, and floods. And analyses such as Dr. Ryan Maue’s Accumulated Cyclone Energy Index confirm this. Yet the report wails, “Typhoon Haiyan took a heavy toll on the Philippines, even as global leaders debated climate change in Warsaw in November 2013.”

untitledIt moans on: “Climate change features among the five most likely and most impactful risks. Among other environmental risks, extreme weather events are considered the second most likely, and water crises also appear high on the list.”

And the solution? “This suggests a pressing need for better public information about the potential consequences of environmental threats, given that collective action will need to be based on common understanding.”

Here we go again. The Davos Thermageddonites blame the continuing failure of the West to shut itself down on insufficient propaganda to convince the public that global warming that has not happened caused extreme weather that has….”

There are of course two very bad reasons why the World Economic Forum is now saving-da-planet, Chris.

ONE – Economics. A huge, hundreds of billions of dollars, research and renewables industry has insecurely entrenched itself globally.
TWO – Politics. A huge, hundreds of billions of dollars, research and renewables industry and bureaucracy has to be reckoned with.

It is tragic, because, unlike ports and railways and highways and communications with on-going benefits, wind turbines and solar panels are just a waste, as is research into a non-existant doomsday threat.


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