Posted by: Grant | January 27, 2014

Greenie Dismisses Green China

I always get a smile when I hear greenies desperately, wishfully, whistfully, claiming that China is going Green.

This one is dismayed to discover that China is no different to the rest of the world. They need coal to keep the power on.

The Coal, Hard Truth China’s New Coal 6 Times Higher than Wind, 27 Times Higher than Solar in 2013
January 23, 2014 |   Armond Cohen

imagesS5QNX7PCRecent reports claim that China is the “new global powerhouse for renewable energy.” Unfortunately, the numbers do not square with this rosy picture. Once again, in 2013, coal was the big winner. As the detailed below, it’s clear that new fossil energy output in China, most of it coal, exceeded new wind energy by six times and solar by 27 times. Much as one might wish that wind and solar (and for some, nuclear) were sending Chinese coal into the sunset, the cold, hard facts suggest otherwise. Until we scale up carbon capture and storage, these ongoing China coal trends will continue to be an unmitigated climate disaster… “

Don’t hold your breath waiting for CCS!!!

Haven’t noticed his “unmitigated  climate disaster” yet. He must be on another planet!! Waiting, waiting, waiting…

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