Posted by: Grant | January 28, 2014

CO2 Trivial Trace Gas Analogy

350If we taught science properly, when somebody claims that atmospheric carbon dioxide is up 50ppm to an alarming 400ppm, they would be laughed at.

I am disappointed with this stadium analogy published on WUWT because it jumps from an atmospheric concentration metric to an annual output metric – apples and oranges.

Dallas Cowboys Stadium Seating and Atmospheric CO2
Posted on January 27, 2014
Ryan Scott Welch

Here is a better stadium analogy –

If the 100,000 people at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) represent the atmosphere, then 40 seats are carbon dioxide and humans have added about 13 seats in total to it over time. 


Let’s put those 40 seats into perspective.

40 seats

The Earth’s GHG is water vapour – average 2.5% – 2500 seats. There are about 2500 seats in this, below, section of the stadium. I have highlighted the 40 seats representing carbon dioxide. (ref. ref. ref.)(Carbon dioxide was about 30 seats in 1950)

2500 seats

There is no significant direct connection between the tiny trace gas CO2 and global temperature. The Global Warming/Climate Change alarm depends on a claim that a very small increase in global temperature is going to, somehow, be amplified by permanently increasing the Earth’s real GHG, water vapour. There is no science for that. They just made it up as they went along. Global temperature history is well studied. Small, systemic, perturbations in global temperature never cause a permanent rise in global humidity. Global temperature is stable and self regulating. CO2 is also a weaker GHG and it is almost saturated in its effect.

Even better, I like this grains of rice video, although the numbers (385ppm) are a bit dated now!


BTW – Methane – Next time some greenie starts talking about methane as a GHG remember that in the stadium analogy methane is represented by less than 2 seats out of the 100,000 and even the claim that it is 18 times as potent a GHG as CO2 would still only take it up to effectively less than the trivial effect of CO2 (equivalent to about 30 seats) Nitrogen-oxygen compounds are even more trivial. 



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