Posted by: Grant | February 1, 2014

State Of The Union – SOTU 2014 – Yawn

~meState Of Dis Union again.

Obama resorted to declaring the debate over. There was, of course, no debate. Even today skeptics struggle to be heard on the MSM.  Rightists started opposing it when they noticed the proponents were all big-government leftists.

Claiming that Climate Change is real is fatuous – climate always changes – death, taxes and climate change.

He has claimed credit for the fracking boom when all he did was stand by and let it happen when it became to big and to beneficial to stop.

He is trying to obstruct coal power generation by imperial decree, but this will not do to much damage and Americans will no doubt find ways to keep their gas guzzlers during his fuel economy drive.

If he did succeed in his “Climate Change” “Renewables” effort he would throw their economy into reverse and I really can’t see him doing that.

He must have noticed that the globe has stopped warming and he must realise that superstitiously blaming all bad weather on fossil fuels has a limited life. If the globe now starts cooling for decades he will leave a legacy of full stupid and his legacy is all he has left now with a hostile congress.


Excerpts on climate from the SOTU
Posted on January 28, 2014
by Anthony Watts

Jan 29, 2014
Obama’s Speech Softens Tone on Climate Change


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