Posted by: Grant | February 2, 2014

Prince Charles – Lunatic Leftist.

Prince Charles has attacked Deniers – “headless chicken brigade”

Chas, mate, there was no such thing as “Climate Science” until the UN IPCC invented Global Warming.

It is a purely political artefact.

The Australian Government have called it “socialism masquerading as environmentalism” and the Canadian Prime Minister endorsed the sentiment praising the abolition of the Carbon Tax.

In the USA the far right Republicans oppose it vehemently because they noticed, unlike Charles, that the proponents are all big-government leftists.

It should be pointed out to Charles-The-Inept that creating environmental doomsday scenarios and fixing them involves massive government intervention, taxes, subsidies, regulation, global governance, huge research and a gigantic bureaucracy.

PrinceCharles3If that is not pure politics, and pure socialism, I don’t know what is!

The younger Royals must be recoiling in horror.

Ironically, a lot of Leftists would be quite happy to see Chas destroy the Monarchy with his Green politics.

Prince of Wales hits out at climate change deniers… labelling them the ‘headless chicken brigade’
By Rebecca English
PUBLISHED: 18:44 GMT, 31 January 2014  | UPDATED: 20:41 GMT, 31 January 2014

greeniesPrince Charles spoke out over ‘sheer intimidation’ of anti-climate change groups Said they turn scientific wisdom on its head to suit their own purposes Was speaking at an event for young entrepreneurs at Buckingham Palace”



prince-charles-wine-aston-martin (2)




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