Posted by: Grant | February 10, 2014

CSIRO Survey – Aussies Care Less and Less.

The CSIRO gravy train runs out of steam, but they keep stoking the fire.

CSIRO Annual surveys of Australian attitudes to climate change
21 December 2011 | Updated 7 February 2014

boringMost Australians think the climate is changing, and are doing many different things to respond to it, for a variety of reasons.”

“Opinions about the causes of climate change remain relatively unchanged from 2010.”

That misinterpretation of their own survey results is comically farcical as Jo Nova points out –

Australia: more skeptics than believers, and few really care about “Climate change”
Posted By Joanne Nova
On February 9, 2014

“First up, despite the endless repetition in the media that the science is settled and the evidence is overwhelming, the latest CSIRO survey shows 53% of the Australian population don’t agree that “humans are causing climate change”.
When the abcABC gives 50% of its climate budget and time to skeptical arguments we will know it is fulfilling its charter. Right now, the ABC serves less than half the population.
Secondly, even with 47% of the population agreeing that humans are “largely” causing climate change, many of these people still don’t think climate change will be that bad.
The issue “Climate Change” ranks 14 out of 16 general concerns, and among environmental concerns a pathetic 7th out of 8.
It seems a large section of the 47% think the warming will be minor, or even beneficial.

The CSIRO has done another clumsy survey, the fourth in a series, still not learning that inaccurate survey terms make the results of most questions meaningless.
The unmistakable bottom line from this is that only a minority of Australians think that humans are changing the climate in an important way. Most Australians are more concerned about their health, their income, their job, water shortages, or real pollution.
They are more concerned about just about anything the researchers can name. Somehow this confuses the researchers.

For perspective, a recent UK study showed that 63% of British people are skepticsthat storms and floods are probably man-made.

Perhaps the Aussie Leftists should now gird their loins for a different battle as Mark Butler pointed out during the election –


Interpret the interim report for yourself – here –

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