Posted by: Grant | February 15, 2014

The Good Doomsday Story Falters


CBS Blames Global Warming for Harsh Winter Weather
By Kyle Drennen
| February 13, 2014 | 11:11

POSTSRIPT – Seems that the “professor” Gayle is grovelling to is a paranormal as well!
Marc Morano writes:
CBS This Morning featured a futurist who promotes paranormal phenomena like ‘telepathy, telekinesis and mind reading’ as climate expert during its February 13 broadcast. CBS only identified physicist Michio Kaku as a New York City College professor, with no mention of his special abilities.

If you believe that the Jet Stream is causing bad weather, you will believe anything. The Jet stream is a high altitude, very narrow, band of wind. Like the El Nino, it is a phenomena of climate, not a cause. Like the causes-all-the-bad-weather theory, there is no science for the Jet-stream-did-it theory, they just made it up as they went along. Pseudo-scientific clap trap.



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