Posted by: Grant | March 1, 2014

NBC Waters Down Its Stance

While the headline provokes the usual groan, not again, the article is, surprisingly, almost well balanced.

NBC News
Scientists More Certain Than Ever on Climate Change, Report Says
By John Roach

” …Outside experts asked to comment on the report noted that it lacks new information, but neatly packages mainstream climate science for a general audience. “Ultimately, [it is] rather ho-hum, and pretty redundant to everything else that is out there,” Roger Pielke Jr., a climate policy analyst and professor of environmental studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder, told NBC News in an email.

Ho-hummery aside, the National Academy of Sciences and Royal Society were compelled to make a statement, according to Michael Mann, a climate scientist at Pennsylvania State University in University Park. “Sadly, in today’s political environment, where climate change denial is pervasive at our highest levels of government, it seems that the message is not being heard,” he told NBC News via email… “


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