Posted by: Grant | March 9, 2014

Ocean Temperature – Nothing

 Argo FloatsWhile the CSIRO persists in atributing warming on our small continent to global warming, fact is the globe stopped warming and the ocean warming (70% of the globe) is also trivial.

The 4000 Argo floats now directly measure the temperature of the oceans to a depth of 2000 metres. Trust me, if the data did show a significant warming it would be trumpeted all over the media.

Argo, Temperature, and OHC
Posted on March 2, 2014
by Willis Eschenbach

From the Comments –

“Oh no no no! Never ever express the ocean data in degrees or mention the world’s oceans have warmed only 0.09C over the past 55 years [Levitus et al]. The proper metric is of course Hiroshima bombs.

Paid propagandist SkS refuses to mention the 0.09C ocean warming over the past 55 years anywhere on their website or Guardian articles, instead converting it to scary and ‘sciency’ sounding Hiroshima bombs, hurricane Sandys, kitten sneezes, etc.:

Claim: Warming of 0.09°C over the past 55 years is ‘slowly but steadily cooking the world’s oceans’

Nor do they ever admit per the 1st and 2nd laws of thermodynamics, the maximum additional that 0.09C ocean warming can warm the atmosphere is 0.09C.”

My law of thermodynamics is that heating the oceans by warming the air is like trying to warm up your bath water with a hair dryer!


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