Posted by: Grant | March 23, 2014

Greenies And The New Cold War

In a bizarre reversal of history the West has become corrupted by decadent save-da-planet Leftists while the formerly, moribund, decadent, communist, Russia and China now have surging new capitalist economies.

Will the need for an external enemy, as featured by Orwell in “1984”, and now manifest again in 2014 in the Crimean crisis, kill off the Leftist attempts at “Global Governance” in the UN to “save-da-planet”?


” …Europe now depends on Russia for 30 percent of its natural gas supplies and Gazprom is building a pipeline to the Pacific Rim where the market is even more attractive. Altogether, oil and gas exports earn Russia $160 billion a year and cover 60 percent of the national budget.

Moreover, the two strongest economies in the Western alliance — Germany and Japan — are both crippling their economies by abandoning nuclear power. Japan spent $68 billion on gas imports last year, more than half its $112 billion trade deficit. Germany is doing even worse. In a fatuous effort to substitute unreliable wind and solar energy for always-available coal and nuclear, it is driving its utilities to ruin. Last week RWE, Germany’s second-largest utility, announced its first annual loss since the founding of the German Republic in 1949. The company is hammered by grid regulations that require it to accept wind and solar whenever they are available. This means ramping coal plants and reactors up and down at a moment’s notice — virtually impossible — or running them for long intervals without being paid. On top of this comes special fees to cover the higher costs of renewable electricity. Last week, in a little noted transaction, RWE announced it is selling its entire oil and gas operations to — you guessed it — Russian oligarchs Mikhal Fridman and German Khan. No wonder Putin is feeling his oats these days.

The West’s unilateral disarmament over energy is reminiscent of nothing so much as the fatuous behavior of Western Europe during the interval between World Wars I and II…. “

Either Vlad has cleverly shifted his markets east to Asia or he has just shot himself in the foot playing with guns!


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