Posted by: Grant | March 27, 2014

Corruption Of Science Documented.

Please ignore the premise, that alarmist science is illegal, of this otherwise excellent article.

It goes into good detail on how science has been corrupted and why.

You train a dog by rewarding it with tasty little titbits and science has been trained the same way to get a particular required political result.




Walter Starck

Are Academics Above The Law?

March 21st 2014

Example #3

in May, 2012,  a climate study entitled, “Evidence of unusual late 20th century warming from an Australasian temperature reconstruction spanning the last millennium” by Joelle Gergis, Raphael Neukom, Ailie Gallant, Steven Phipps and David Karoly, was accepted for publication in the Journal of Climate.  It appeared on the journal’s website, and a publicity release from the University of Melbourne alerted the news media, which provided widespread national and international coverage.

The lead author, Gergis, claimed to the ABC that, “there are no other warm periods in the last 1000 years that match the warming experienced in Australasia since 1950.” This finding was claimed to boast a “95% certainty”. What she did not mention was that the difference between the 1961–’90 levels and the warmest pre-instrumental period (A.D. 1238–1267) was a mere 0.09°C, and that the margin of error for these figures was over twice the difference between them.  In other words, the claimed difference is statistically meaningless.

Unfortunately, that omission was just the beginning, with much worse was to come.  Shortly after the study appeared on the JoC website, sceptics found serious flaws in the statistical methodology. A heated debate ensued between the authors and their critics, with inputs from various supporters on both sides. Suffice to say the journal decided the concerns were sufficient to request the study be withdrawn…. “


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