Posted by: Grant | April 6, 2014

What A Joke

GarnautRobotSThe Western Australia Senate re-election produced this high farce from the AUS ABC.

A so-called “debate” on the Carbon Tax between the geriatric, leftist, ALP employee, economics professor, and the mining billionaire who is dabbling in politics.

The billionaire must be worrying the ABC’s preferred Senate candidate, greenie Scott Ludlum, because they went to the trouble of picking out Clive’s exasperated outburst from this “Lateline” program which nobody saw and re-ran it on “The Drum” in primetime just to discredit him.

The billionaire only got 75% the lines of the geriatric professor.
In this Transcript – – Ross Garnaut got 170 lines, Clive Palmer got 122 lines.

The public would have been reaching for their remote controls when Ross started off with this –

“ROSS GARNAUT: Yes, the world’s been taking substantial action – the United States, China, the countries of Europe, Japan, the other major developing countries – ever since a new approach was adopted in Cancun. There’s a big effort on, led by the United States, China, France, who’ll be the hosts – Britain, Germany – to get a strong result out of a new UN meeting in Paris in 2015.”

Which is patently, absurdly, ridiclously WRONG!  The World is not taking any action, the Climate industry is dying because it failed. It failed in its “projections” and it failed in its “renewables”.



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