Posted by: Grant | April 11, 2014

Natural Forcings Paper.

Cosmic RaysThe UNIPCC dismiss “natural forcings” as to small and to long term to affect their doomsday global temperature alarm.
The research below may explain the pause in global temperature rise which their climate models have failed to do.
Fact is their theory is falsified by “the pause”. Whatever the cause, “natural forcings” have neutralised global warming for over ten years now and cannot be dismissed anymore.
Perhaps one day we will be able to accurately predict natural temperature fluctuations and discern them from manmade ones and the UNIPCC can be taken seriously again.

This paper is the latest in the growing evidence that solar activity and the cosmic ray flux are having a much more direct direct on global temperature by affecting cloud cover.

New Paper Corroborates the Solar-Cosmic Ray Theory of Climate

Find the actual paper here –



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