Posted by: Grant | April 16, 2014

UN IPCC Deprecated On “The Drum”

The bourgeois trendy inner city activists in the Green/ALP Coalition are still ignoring the hapless aussie battler who doesn’t believe in more and more sacrifice to try and get the Globe to follow our expensive self-destructive example to save-da-planet.

Now even the Trendy Intellectuals on “The Drum” (Mon 14/4/14) have deserted them. OMG – whodive-thunk-it!

All that remains is to choke off the huge money flow to the sterile “Climate” Research and Renewables industry and to call the AUS ABC to account for their failure. They have sniggered and sneered at “Deniers” for years and decided to spare us almost any counter-argument for our own good right from the start.




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