Posted by: Grant | May 8, 2014

Weather Men At The White House – Yawn

boringPresident Obama has started his “lame duck” phase with a rather pathetic attempt at reviving “Climate Change”.
National Climate Assessment Report

It was not taken seriously. It makes the same mistake as the big UNIPCC report that preceded it. It goes way over the top on the Alarmism.


Well, it was taken seriously by the weather people, flattered to be the center of attention at the White House  instead of  just being a footnote at the end of the news.
I really don’t think. however, they are going to start blaming all their bad weather on Global Warming.
I mean, the globe just ain’t warming – it was – a little – then it stopped – waiting, waiting, waiting!

Spencer-heroIt was also taken seriously by the World’s preeminent climatologist – Roy Spencer – who immediately debunked it all here
Roy doesn’t like to see science abused and corrupted like that.






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