Posted by: Grant | May 17, 2014

See The Greenie Squirm

Squirm greenie, squirm

This English-language Chinese TV greenie makes the mistake of trying to attack Mark Morano with the usual greenie clichés.

“we now know that ocean levels have been rising” – DURH!
“but we are feeling it, for instance we saw hurricane Sandy, we’ve seen…- DURH! again.
“are you saying we should do nothing, continue to pour all these pollutants out into the air…? – DURH! again.
“if you’re saying nothing should be done doesn’t this play into the hands of big oil companies? – Oh plu-ese.
“300 scientists were involved, what are your qualifications? DURH!
“who finances you?” DURH! boring.

Mark eats him for lunch with his usual staccato of devastating ripostes.

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano vs CCTV Anchor Anand Naidoo 



  1. […] a recent video post, below, Marc Morano, Climate Depot, tells the Chinese TV interviewer – I have a qualification and […]

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