Posted by: Grant | May 26, 2014

Climate Concern Up 2% to 3% – Rejoice!

pollObama’s Climate putsch took off like a lead balloon!

May 19, 2014
Jobs, Government, and Economy Remain Top U.S. Problems
Twenty percent mention unemployment or jobs, up from 14% in April
by Rebecca Riffkin

QUESTION – What Happened To “Climate Change”?
ANSWER – It was a fad and the public got bored with it.

Since there are no longer any votes in it, the money will dry up and the sterile, failed, industry will collapse.

In Australia the recent budget slashed funding and the new Treasurer stated a wind farm near Canberra that he had to drive past was “utterly offensive” (In a previous incarnation he climbed Kilimanjaro with the “Sunrise” greenies to watch global warming melting it, but, times do change!) 

Greenies were reassured pre-budget…
Joe Hockey says wind turbines ‘utterly offensive’, flags budget cuts to clean energy schemes
By political reporter Latika Bourke
Updated Fri 2 May 2014, 2:48pm AEST

but got slashed anyway…

•Investment in renewables has been slashed with the abolition of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, which was set up to drive research and investment. This will save the Government $1.3 billion.
•The Government’s $2.55 billion commitment to funding its Emissions Reduction Fund (direct action policy) will now be spread out over 10 years, as opposed to the four years previously promised.
•The previous government’s Carbon Capture and Storage program will lose $460 million over three years.
•The budget outlines $525 million in funding for its Green Army initiative, however, this is offset by a $438 million loss to Landcare, whose community groups currently do a similar job to what the Green Army will do.

The CSIRO greenies are looking for real jobs…

CSIRO cuts to hit alternative fuel research
Date May 20, 2014

If the Green Gravy Train were hoping to be resurrected by the ALP they waited in vain – the silence was deafening. Even the Greens have downgraded it.




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