Posted by: Grant | May 31, 2014

Queensland – Massive Failure Of solar.

~meWe once had cheap power – The simple fact of the matter is that electrical power is best delivered by a few massive power stations. They are clean and very efficient and they run power into the cities down a few well established corridors exactly where and when it is needed.

The trouble with Solar and Wind is that while they are renewable, they are NOT an “alternative”. They produce power only intermittently and they cannot respond to demand.

PowerBill whyThis is the why our power bills have skyrocketed…
ONE We still need baseload power stations capable of covering the whole grid load.
TWO The baseload power stations cannot cover the whole load all the time, so we are all paying for them to idle doing nothing which then completely destroys their intrinsic high-efficiency and makes their power very expensive.
THREE The Newman Government cannot act retrospectively. Apart from the huge Solar industry lobby, there are huge numbers of tokenistic solar panels sitting on 250,000 thousand Queensland roofs to impress the neighbours and they all have to be paid for. Their owners could sue for compensation if their feed-in tariff was removed.
FOUR The power industry was given a licence to print money to “save-da-planet” and they heavily over-invested in infrastructure – the Gold-plated-power-poles Syndrome.
FIVE Solar power is still very, very, very, expensive and we are stuck with it. The miracle “Alternative” never materialised.
  Not everyone owns a roof to put solar panels on. They pay.

The short answer is that the Bligh Labor Government ruined our cheap, efficient, power supply and locked in the cost of expensive, inefficient trendy solar panels with legally enforceable contracts on a large-scale.
They stand, like the defunct billion-dollar desalination plant at Tugan and the Lake George wind turbines, as a monument to bourgeois, trendy, inanity and they are a gross affront to the struggling Aussie battler.

All we can hope for is that the solar technology will deteriorate rapidly and malfunction and cease to feed unwanted expensive power back to the grid, making our real power stations efficient to run. Perhaps a creative political means can be found to neutralise them without getting sued in a huge class action?

More Detailed analysis here –

Rooftop solar panels help to generate problems as well as power 
Graham Lloyd, Environment editor |
The Australian  |
May 25, 2013 12:00AM
(paywalled try here – )

The benefit of all this sacrifice?
Widespread distribution of solar panels has not succeeded yet, but it is claimed it was worth a try, a miracle discovery may be just around the corner – just needs more money poured into it. 

IF the massive output of human carbon dioxide pumped since WW2 does cause serious warming by 2100 and IF that massive human emission results in some serious global warming then the Causes-all-the-bad-weather-theory MAY be proven correct also.

The Queensland solar panels costing us so much now will be rusted away by the time Global Warming really kicks in, 2100 they say now, but we can explain to our children that we were really seriously worried at the time and spent their inheritance in the cause of a Green Socialist Utopia with Global Governance at the UN.

POSTSCRIPT – Where there is a will there is a way. The huge feed in tariff is now to be cut off when the house is sold – the contract was with the original owner.



  1. The solution to climate change
    replacement for fossil fuel powered electrical generation

    4 months ago676 total views
    Urgent action required, appears to be the consensus of the most learned climate change advocates!
    The collective wisdom acquired through trial and error test applications of alleged solutions, has been enlightening, and sobering as agenda driven rhetoric failed time after time to deliver a replacement technology for the fossil fuel powered electrical generating facilities, which are the primary sources.of GHG the alleged culprits inducing global climatic destabilization!

    Most recently 2 documents have corroborated a much maligned document I wrote!
    In My Opinion!

    * Leaked Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) the report says that agricultural output may drop by as much as two percent every decade for the rest of this century, compared to what it would have been without the effects of climate change. Demand for food is reportedly expected to rise 14 percent each decade during that time, exacerbating the food supply issue.

    * letter, by Kenneth Caldeira of the Carnegie Institution, Kerry Emanuel at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, James E. Hansen of Columbia University and Tom Wigley of the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the University of Adelaide

    “To Those Influencing Environmental Policy But Opposed to Nuclear Power”

    Unfortunately building conventional nuclear facilities is not realistic due to the costs associated with safety issues.

    This leaves you with one option other than Geo-engineering “A New Nuclear Technology”!
    Geo-engineering is the newest subsidy for the fossil fuel industry and is wrought with unknown risks and dangers and therefore not an option.

    The New Nuclear Technology I propose is as follows:
    Human Excrement + Nuclear Waste = Hydrogen … … … … … … … … … …

    You’ve tried everything else first and these have failed adding to the urgency of action required!

    Dennis Baker
    1. – 998 Creston Avenue

    Penticton BC Canada V2A1P9
    @dennisearlbaker @silenced_not

    • Thankyou for noticing my Blog Dennis. Your proposal is just as valid as the latest UNIPCC effort. My proposal is that we wait another 60 years and see if there is an actual problem to worry about.

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