Posted by: Grant | June 4, 2014

Obama’s Big Announcement

~meI don’t know about the Channel Seven “Sunrise” greenies (to irritating to watch for me these days) but it did not rate a mention on the morning Channel Nine “Today Show”.

To gutlessly get his tame EPA greenie to make the announcement, comparing carbon dioxide to mercury, sulfur, and arsenic says it all really.

blackCircleCarbon dioxide is an essential trace gas. It occurs naturally. All green plants on the planet would die without it. It is a blatant perversion to call it a pollutant and to classify it with such poisons.

The issue with carbon dioxide is not pollution but whether or not it is sufficient to cause significant global warming and if it does cause significant global warming whether or not any significant global warming will then cause seriously more bad whether – it’s been 60 years now since human-produced CO2 skyrocketed up – waiting, waiting, waiting…

The EPA should be dealing with actual pollution, not an unverified theoretical effect of the human addition to an essential natural trace gas. 

This Climate Putsch will fizzle out. The Supreme Court, the Congressthe Democrats themselves, or the new president will neutralise it. The states may simply defy it and throw it back into the courts.

Greenies like Obama make the big mistake that hundreds of giant billion-dollar power stations can be simply and easily replaced. Even the one demonstrated viable alternative, nuclear, would still be impractical on the given timescale and just a gigantic waste. It is like deciding to replace all their freeways, built up over generations, because bitumen is carcinogenic.



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