Posted by: Grant | June 11, 2014

Aussie PM – Climate Politics 101

~meIn a recent video post, below, Marc Morano, Climate Depot, tells the Chinese TV interviewer – I have a qualification and background in Political Science which more than qualifies me in climate Change“.
Climate Change is, by definition, not science. Science can always be debated, discussed and argued. “Climate Change” will brook no denial.

This blog frequently cites examples of the Australian PM and his Liberal Party party strategy.  As I often say – Greenies should be smiled at indulgently, patted on the head, solemnly agreed with but never taken seriously.

Climate Change is a Leftist Big-government movement and it will be dealt with by the Center-Right by setting up their own harmless policies and slowly starving the “Renewables” industry to death. The huge leftist environmental research industry will be simply de-funded, and then restarted in another, non Green, direction.

Obama will be smiled at indulgently, solemnly agreed with, but politely told that we have a better way. It may even be put onto the G20 agenda so that it can be smothered in platitudes yet again.



Australia and Canada decide to take a path of climate realism

0POSTSCRIPT – While he is doing well on Climate, his first budget was a disaster. They insulted us by pretending that the Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Outlook (PEFO) was invalid and promptly created their own post-election economic outlook and proceeded with the old anachronistic “it’s worse than we thought we must fail to keep our election promises and all make big sacrifices to clean up the mess” routine. Abbott was then seen posing in a new billion dollar jet fighter. Aussies are sick of middle class leftist political correctness but, learning nothing from Work Choices, the right wing of the Liberal Party have run wild and if Abbott cannot drag them back to the center they will loose the double dissolution option, antagonise the Senate and even untitledloose the next election.
The tragedy for Abbott is that if Turnbull was in the Treasury, instead of the bumbling oaf he is stuck with at present, it would cement them in place for ten years. The most surprizing thing about the new government is their total lack of political sense.


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