Posted by: Grant | June 13, 2014

Ha Ha Ha

he hawYou do get a laugh sometimes!

This Greenie lawyer on “The Drum” claims the science is settled – Climate Change will cause less waves on the East coast of AUS for surfing.

The panel were stunned – I mean how can you argue with that kind of stupid superstition?

We can add that one to the list of 883 other bad things (it never causes good things!) caused by Global Warming –

Less Surf in AUS” will fit neatly somewhere between
Lawyers want more
and “Lizards super intelligent

 “The Drum” 12/6/14

Yes that is a snigger you hear in the background!

Seriously though, the trouble is, of course, that far too much wasted money is being spent on research to save-da-planet to produce such bullcrap.


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