Posted by: Grant | July 3, 2014

Aussie PM Attacks RET

The Carbon Tax will now be dispatched. The expensive mandatory RET (Renewable Energy Target) is next in the sights of the not-quite-so-new Aussie Government.

The best thing they are doing is cutting off the money flow. Only vested interests and the inner city trendies are driving the issue at present – the public don’t care. They don’t care to pay that much to be green.

The “powers-that-be” feel  betrayed by promises of “alternatives” which were not ready, simply did not produce base-load power, and only succeeded in disrupting and destroying the efficiency and efficacy of the existing cheap mass energy generation and distribution systems. 

Source  AAP 
1 Jul 2014 – 9:20am
RET a serious threat to industry: Abbott
The government is reviewing the renewable energy target, a scheme Mr Abbott has blamed for rising power prices and harming Australian industries.

Tony Abbott’s carbon war shifts to renewables   MacroBusiness

Like I said, the RET can be rendered harmless by simply not mandating it anymore. It then becomes just an aspirational target like the rest of “Climate Change” – and world peace.



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