Posted by: Grant | July 15, 2014

Electricity Bill Shorten On Repeal Of Aussie Climate Tax

” …Mr Deputy Speaker there is no doubt that our Earth is warming and our seas are rising…

WRONG – the Earth was warming but then it stopped – over ten years ago now. There has been no significant increase in the rate of melting of the continental ice caps which began at the end of the last ice age and the temperature rise is well within normal, natural, variability.

” …Or that humankind is the cause… “

WRONG – The temperature and sea level rise we have observed is well within the normal natural variability seen since the last global climatic event – the “Little Ice Age”.

” …That is 2 trillion tonnes of a heat trapping Greenhouse Gas released into our atmosphere at a rate many times faster than the previous 800 thousand years… “

WRONG – Carbon dioxide is, in effect,  a trivial heat trapping gas – if we have released 2 trillion tonnes of carbon dioxide into the 3 trillion tonnes that were already there, we would have already seen some dramatic effects.
We haven’t. 
In the 70 years Since WW2, when fossil fuel burning jumped up almost exponentially, the global temperature, according to the NASA GISS greenies has been a pathetic 0.8C – here.
The GHG effect of carbon dioxide is almost saturated. Adding more and more of it has less and less GHG effect. Global warming theory relies on the trivial GHG effect of carbon dioxide being amplified by a positive feedback in the Earth’s true GHG – water vapour.
That positive feedback effect has failed to materialise. Despite the very significant input of anthropogenic CO2 into the atmosphere, global temperature remains normal.

” …Each of the last three decades has been warmer on average than any other in modern times… “

WRONG – correlation is not causation – we do not know whether or not the earth would have warmed all by itself anyway and, again, there has been no unusual or abnormal warming of the earth despite a very significant increase in anthropogenic CO2 emissions.

” …Sea levels have risen by about 20cm on average over the past century and the rate of increase has been much greater in recent decades…. “

WRONG – Global sea level is impossible to measure (in the short term) without the latest satellite technology (coastlines sometimes descend) which only came into existence very recently and it is nowhere near 20cm. Claims by the UNIPCC  of sea level rise are highly disputed. The insertion of “on average” is clearly to mislead us into thinking there is an annual rise of 20cm when in fact it is 1.7mm per year despite claims of 3.3mm per year. Again, for sea level to be rising we would see a significant melting of the Antarctic and Greenland icecaps, the Arctic ice cap, floating ice, does not contribute. Even 33cm (1ft.) in 100 yrs. is trivial. We are adapted to that.

Sorry Bill, but I agree with the Prime Minister – it IS “absolute crap”

See “Greenhouse Bullcrap Fundamentals” – for detailed references in support of my above comments.


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