Posted by: Grant | July 21, 2014

MH17 Crash Shakes The Globe

images[8]The only comment that needs to be made is that QANTAS and several other airlines noticed that a large military aircraft was shot down over the area by a sophisticated high altitude SAM and immediately changed their route.

The many airlines that did not do that were very lucky to not lose an aircraft themselves instead of the hapless and inept Malaysians.

Russia should not have relied on the international intelligence agencies to issue the obvious warnings.

The reason, however, that I mention this on this blog is that the arrogance of Putin will likely finally destroy the reliance of Europe on Russian gas. The Europeans will  probably now ignore greenies, boost fracking, import LNG, and go back to coal and nuclear.

For a government so good on Climate Change, the aussie Liberals are surprisingly incompetent otherwise. The Russians are no more chauvinist on Ukraine than the Americans are on Cuba. Australian intelligence agencies and DFAT should have been aware of and warned Australians of the SAM threat in the Eastern Ukraine. 


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