Posted by: Grant | July 30, 2014

German Renewables – FAIL

~meWell, they actually succeeded – succeeded in destroying the efficacy of a highly efficient, clean (the plant food CO2 is not a pollutant), power generation system, developed over decades, providing cheap power to the masses and keeping German industry prosperous.

The big problem of course is that the “Renewables” do not work. They cannot provide base load power. They are not an alternative.

The irony is that it was never going to work.
They ignored the warnings and committed to a technology which had no chance of succeeding.
The “free” energy that they collect is so diffuse that the physical size of the collectors becomes an environmental issue itself.
The wind does NOT “always blow somewhere” and solar panels at that latitude, in that climate, can only be described as idiotic.
There is NO storage system that can handle such gigantic amounts of energy and if there was it would multiply the already high inefficiency and cost by orders of magnitude to truly astronomic levels.



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