Posted by: Grant | August 3, 2014

AUS ABC “Catalyst” Bullcrap

I don’t want to see Antarctic research cut, but the greenies at “Catalyst” are doing the greenies at the Australian Antarctic Division no favours with this kind of patently absurd pseudo-scientific claptrap designed to rationalise away the growing ice cap.

Thursday, 31 July 2014
Antarctica Sea Ice

blackCircle“The winds are stronger than at any time in the last thousand years, (yeah – right!) and the reason can be partly (how much “partly”?!) traced back to climate change. The westerlies exist because of the strong contrast in temperatures between the tropics and the poles. This contrast is increasing as the tropics warm faster (but, but, the tropics are not warming faster). Adding to the effect is the huge ozone hole cooling the stratosphere above Antarctica (HUH! how does the hole in the ozone cool the stratosphere and how does that increase the westerlies – they are making this up as they go along!) Although temperatures are on the rise, (none of the weather stations on the polar icecap show any warming at all – on the contrary) for the moment, the wind influence is winning.”

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to roll your eyes at the above claim – I mean if global warming is producing MORE ice where is the problem? And as for – wait for it! – methanesulfonic acid! – showing a decline in biological activity and therefore a decline in sea ice….


Well, yes, BTW that’s from 1950 to 1995, we see a decline.


Yes – Quote from transcript- 
“Dr Mark Curran
So it does and the recent data that since 1979, Antarctic sea ice has increased, but not to the extent of the decline that we see since the 1950s.”

LIARS – that’s not what was said – it is claimed that the metric methanesulfonic acid shows a decline in biological activity and therefore a decline in sea ice, NOT “since the 1950’s“, but from “1950 to 1995“.

The bottom line, if you dig it out from all the obfuscation, is that they are claiming that there was a 20% rise in methanesulfonic acid in ice cores from “1950 to 1995” and only a five percent increase in ice extent (they seem to get that from an obscure claim that the satellite records have been showing an increase of 1.5% sea ice per decade) therefore VOILA!

TA DA! – a decline!

Antarctica is showing big seasonal differences and – yes you guessed it – that’s “Climate Change”

One man’s record ice extent is another man’s “Climate Change”

Fortunately this trite pap no longer gets into the mainstream, but the decision makers, masters of obfuscation themselves, immediately see this for what it is and ask each other the question – “How much are we paying these people for this” and start thinking of schools and hospitals and childcare and reform of the ABC!

This masterpiece of plausible pseudoscientific obfuscation should be studied by every student of politics 101 and taken as a warning by every student of science to get out of “Climate Change” – it is degenerate.

Antarctica Sea Ice





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