Posted by: Grant | August 11, 2014

The Betrayal Of USA Working Poor

As I assert inNEW WORLD ORDER on the sidebar of this blog, the socialist revolutionaries and associated NGOs at the UN were trying to set up mechanisms for World “Governance” to save-da-planet and destroy capitalism.

They aimed to destroy western civilisation by destroying the cheap, intrinsic, electrical power generation system built up over generations.

They attacked the only demonstrated viable fossil fuel alternatives, nuclear and hydro and advocated “Renewables” which could not deliver base load power until someone invented magical solutions.

The masses, after all, are not going to revolt against their evil capitalistic masters while they have cheap electrical power in their homes and workplaces and cheap fuel for their transport systems.

Australian and European “battlers”, dismayed at the lack of a solution to an as yet imaginary problem, will empathise with the Californians in this article on how the prosperous “Left” or “liberals” have betrayed them.

The penny has dropped – environmentalism is fundamentally misanthropic or anti-human and the poor are the ones who suffer to save-da-planet.


Also here –

by Joel Kotkin 08/04/2014

Democrats Risk Blue-collar Rebellion

” …But, at least here in California, much of the working class is made up of minorities, who are increasingly the economic victims of the enlightened ones. One place to see this is in Richmond in Northern California, where a Green Party mayor and a similarly aligned planning department have tried to block the refurbishing of Chevron’s large refinery there, which is also the economic bulwark of the area.

The dispute over the refinery suggests divisions that may become more commonplace. Essentially, you have on one side overwhelmingly white, often very-affluent greens, allied with powerful Democratic politicians, arrayed to obstruct the refinery. On the other side, you have minorities, many of them union members, whose livelihoods and high-paying jobs depend on the refinery.

The incipient rift between such blue-collar workers and gentry Democrats is inevitable. The wealthy donors who dominate both local and national Democratic politics, like San Francisco hedge fund mogul Tom Steyer, may have made much of their fortunes in fossil fuels, as the New York Times, among others, have reported. But now, having embraced a stringent environmentalism, the gentry seek to impose their “green” agenda on the hoi polloi… “


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