Posted by: Grant | August 12, 2014

The Inconvenient Science

“All scientists agree” and “the science is settled” carbon dioxide IS a greenhouse gas – yes –


All scientists also agree and the science is also settled that carbon dioxide itself actually has an inverse logarithmic effect. The more you add the less warming you get from it.

Well, you say, why are they worried?

Simple, they are worried because they want to be worried, they claim that the small rise in global temperature caused by carbon dioxide will cause an increase in global humidity, water vapour, the Earth’s real GHG. They make that assumption in all their alarming computer models.

However, the assumption that perturbations in the earth’s temperature cause instability due to an increase in water vapour are not supported by definitive evidence. We cannot predict global temperature, but the global temperature is remarkably stable and self-regulating.
The well referenced article below goes into the science and points out –

” …The rapid logarithmic diminution effect is an inconvenient fact for Global Warming advocates and alarmists, nonetheless it is well understood within the climate science community. It is certainly not much discussed. This diminution effect is probably the reason there was no runaway greenhouse warming caused by CO2 in earlier eons when CO2 levels were known to be at levels of several thousands ppmv…. “

The diminishing influence of increasing Carbon Dioxide on temperature
Posted on August 10, 2014 by Anthony Watts  
Guest essay by Ed Hoskins

All scientists do agree that adding carbon dioxide does NOT produce a linear rise in temperature.
All scientists do NOT agree that raising the Earth’s temperature by a small amount will be amplified by an increase in the Earth’s GHG – water vapour – that is highly contentious.


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