Posted by: Grant | September 2, 2014

Wind & Solar Data – USA Germany & UK

 insaneThe USA and Germany each installed 70,000 Megawatts of “Renewables” capacity.
The USA struggles to use the not-quite 20,000 Megawatts actually generated.
Germany struggles to use the not-quite 10,000 Megawatts actually generated.

Renewable Energy in perspective: Solar and Wind power
Guest Blogger / 2 days ago August 30, 2014 
Guest essay by Ed Hoskins | Data for the USA, Germany and the UK since the year 2000

…Electricity generation from wind turbines is equally fickle, as for example in a week in July this year shown above. Similarly an established high pressure zone with little wind over the whole of Northern Europe is a common occurrence in winter months, that is when electricity demand is likely to be at its highest.

Conversely on occasions renewable energy output may be in excess of demand and this has to dumped unproductively. There is still no solution to electrical energy storage on a sufficiently large industrial scale. That is the reason that the word “nominally” is used here in relation to the measured outputs from renewable energy sources.

Overall the renewable energy output from these three major nations that have committed to massive investments in Renewable Energy amounts to a nominal ~31Gigawatts out of a total installed generating capacity of ~570Gigawatts or only ~5.5%.

But even that amount of energy production is not really as useful as one would wish, because of its intermittency and non-dispatchability.”


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