Posted by: Grant | September 23, 2014

The China Coal Ban

The Leftist media are running the story that China is banning our “dirty coal”, leaving out two very significant facts.

ONE – Our coal is generally quite good quality.

TWO – China does not scrub or clean its power station emissions and in a highly populated country they have paid a very big air pollution price. Now that coal production has caught up with demand they can try to reduce the pollution problem by searching for low sulfur, low ash product. It is, however, hard to find.

imagesQPT9NFJ1Our power generators sell large amounts of sulfuric acid and fly ash as a by-product. (Despite the fact that they are usually out in the middle of  an unpopulated woop woop and don’t really need any scrubbing!) China really needs to retrofit their power stations with the same scrubbing technology or the green movement will gain credibility and start causing them grief.


China’s dirty coal ban causes waves
September 20, 2014
Brian Robins


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