Posted by: Grant | September 29, 2014

Monckton Downunder – Oh Dear – Oh My

~meThe below 2GB talkback radio interview (click 2 play) was heard by a very large number of people in Sydney, a large city even by world standards.

Alan Jones has done more good to dismantle “Climate Change” than anyone else in this country.

I am increasingly dismayed, however, that the other person largely responsible for winning the battle, Andrew Bolt, has started to totally discredit himself by provoking an anti-muslim backlash – boltexactly as the murderous middle eastern radicals wanted.

A handful of disorganised, adventurous, radicalized youth are never going to do to much damage. They are easily managed.
It is an hysterical anti-muslim backlash that is really dangerous and that IS very, very damaging because it is self-fulfilling and self-propagating.
An hysterical anti-muslim backlash is precisely what those barbaric, medieval, filthy Arabs are aiming at! DURH! (They are not stupid – very smart – very disciplined – highly strategic)

Now we see the champion of truth, the warrior against the “Save-da-planet” global governance putsch at the UN, Andrew Bolt, blindly stirring up a fascist backlash against the whole Muslim religion in this country! Groan! All that good work on Climate Change – down the drain!

This is a quote from a recent Tony Gnome/Michael Darby Email mailing list –
“Here is Andrew Bolt and Steve Price and Lord Monckton; doing some recent talk-back Radio on the Topic; including to Muslims on the phone:–
Christopher refers to Sharia <“no go”> zones in Paris. Here is some YouTube:–;



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