Posted by: Grant | October 8, 2014

The Walruses And The Greenpeace Activist.

The AUS ABC and the rest of the mainstream media left out the small detail that the claim that this crowd of Walruses was “Climate Change” came from a Greenpeace activist and had absolutely no scientist behind it at all.

In fact such crowds of the mammals are perfectly normal as a quick check with any expert would have revealed.

But then we would have missed a nice picture and the headline  – Walrus Bask Normally On Beach Waiting For Climate To Change just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?


Arctic Walrus Beachings Are Nothing New –  The Daily Caller

This is how “Climate change” is pounded into the conventional wisdom – thousands of plausible  but spurious little obscure anecdotes that go completely unchallenged in the media.

The thin crust of floating ice at the north pole did show some signs of reduced area, which was seized on by greenies, but it couldn’t be global warming because the globe isn’t warming and the other pole, kilometres deep ice, has been showing record sea ice levels for a some time now.

POSTSCRIPT – The official debunking paper on the Walruses is now out –

and here (Utube video) –


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