Posted by: Grant | October 9, 2014

Torturing Data ‘Till It Screams

bomIn case anyone is interested, unlike the rest of the planet, the Globe’s smallest continent, or largest island, Australia, is warming slightly.

Well, according to the greenies at the local Bureau Of Meteorology that is.

We can trust them.

Highly professional, objective, giving farmers and industry the best most reliable information available.

Or can we?

Climate is right for a probe into the Bureau of Meteorology 
Maurice Newman 
October 01, 2014 12:00AM

” …The BoM is a large and expensive agency, employing 1700 people and costing more than $300 million a year to run. The importance of its database and the reliability of its forecasts go well beyond direct operating costs and daily bulletins. As the bureau says, 10 per cent of Australia’s GDP is weather sensitive. This makes its input to public policy potentially valuable. But it must first dispel suspicions of a warming bias. The memory of Climategate and its casual approach to celsius conversion, lingers. It should explain why homogenisation consistently turns cooling trends to warming and why pre-1910 records were dropped and, with them, the extreme heatwaves of the Federation drought.

The record is error-ridden. Even to an amateur, the latest information dump prompts more questions than answers. The concerns about Rutherglen raised by Lloyd as to why a 0.35C cooling became a 1.73C warming still have no satisfactory explanation. No supporting documentary evidence, algorithms or methodology have been produced, leaving the unfortunate impression that temperature records were falsified…. “

Also Here –
Heat is on the Weather Bureau after MP accuses it of wiping 118-year-old temperature records to justify claims of climate change
George Christensen claimed the Bureau had wiped earlier records
He cited records from 1896 that saw temperatures of 50C in NSW
Mr Christensen claimed this examples had been wiped off the records
He also accused them of tampering with data so the past appeared cooler
The Dawson MP will be seeking an inquiry into their conduct this week

By Nelson Groom for Daily Mail Australia
Published: 11:47 AEST, 30 October 2014  | Updated: 19:18 AEST, 30 October 2014



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