Posted by: Grant | October 11, 2014

ALP Drops The Carbon Tax

After fighting doggedly in the Senate to keep the world’s first Carbon Tax , the ALP have suddenly decided that “the Australian people have spoken” and quietly dropped it at a Saturday morning press conference.
The long delay in repudiating it has merely produced a cynical response to “Electricity Bill” Shorten.
Having created the mess, the ALP can now take political advantage when the Government fails to reduce the power bills.
The Carbon Tax didn’t cause the huge power bills, the mandatory RET and “renewables” did.
The populists in the Senate have blocked repeal of the RET and the large, sterile, Renewables industry is somewhat politically entrenched, albeit doomed.
Perhaps the workers could be found more productive work such as painting rocks.

No amount of media performance coaching is ever going to turn Bill into prime minister material is it?


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