Posted by: Grant | October 25, 2014

EU Reaches “Binding Agreement” – NOT!

Never letting the facts get in the way of their “Climate Change” reporting, AUS ABC “Lateline”, in a short, dutiful, item claims that EU leaders have reached a binding agreement to cut emissions by 40% – – WRONG!

The EU is not a sovereign state and they are very unlikely to expel any members for non-compliance because they will all fail to meet the target and they all know it.
Germany, the largest member just got rid of its nuclear power plants and is significantly boosting its coal power generation because “renewables” have failed them.

This more professional assessment –

EU leaders adopt ‘flexible’ energy and climate targets for 2030
Published: 24/10/2014 – 06:42 | Updated: 24/10/2014 – 12:14

– points out –

A special “flexibility clause” was added to the final text”

“the (EU) Council can revisit the targets anytime” (French President)

“But the efficiency and renewables targets were watered down”

“The EU level target is not legally binding at the national level or EU level and will be reviewed in 2020 “having in mind” a 30% EU-level target, according to the summit conclusions.”

“The renewables target of at least 27% is binding at EU-wide level but, after opposition from countries such as the United Kingdom, it will not be binding at national level.”

“the 40% emissions reduction target is going to be broken down to individual member states based on their GDP per capita”

“Free allowances of carbon emissions to poorer countries will continue”

“”I said that we will not return from this summit with new [financial] burdens, and indeed there are no new burdens,” Kopacz (Polish PM) told Polish reporters.”

The EU were in the 195 nations who all solemnly entered into the “binding” Kyoto Protocol in 1995 – this is what happened –

global total



  1. As a result of Climate Change,
    The Golden Retriever migration is
    now taking place one month earlier

  2. good one Wun

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