Posted by: Grant | October 31, 2014

Aussie Emissions Follies.

Politics finds its own level.
Nobody is alarmed anymore, but politically nobody is going to tell the million householders with useless Chinese solar panels on their roofs that they were made fools of.

al-gore2Al Gore rushed down-under, leaving a huge trail of “carbon pollution” behind his executive jet, to shore up the world’s first carbon tax.

He failed.

The Australian Government have now implemented their own emissions reductions scheme, the Direct Action Plan.

The Direct Action Plan spreads a harmless fixed amount of money around the industries who reduce their “emissions” and bid for a share of it.

“The Left” have consoled themselves that they have saved the furniture.

“The Right” have congratulated themselves on their re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

The Government still have the big problem of the mandatory Renewable Energy Target which caused the skyrocketing power bills. “The Left” have the problem of stuffing more huge power bills down the throat of the now unconvinced electorate. 

October 30 2014(6:51am)
A pretend review in exchange for a pretend fix to a pretend problem

AndruBoltFollow me closely here. The Abbott Government will pretend to consider introducing an emissions trading scheme in exchange for Clive Palmer supporting its plan to pretend to tackle what it pretends is a problem that it pretends can be stopped:

Welcome to the wacky world of global warming:… “

” …In June, standing alongside warmist guru Al Gore, he promised not to back the government unless it agreed to legislate for an emissions trading scheme:

CLIVE PALMER: In voting against the abolition of the Climate Change Authority, Palmer United senators will move an amendment to establish an emissions trading scheme. This scheme would only become effective once Australia’s main trading partners also take action to establish such a scheme…

AL GORE:  I have appreciated the opportunity I have had to meet with Clive Palmer and the discussions that I’ve had with him, and I congratulate him and his party on this outstanding statement that you’ve just heard.

But now:

Four months after describing Direct Action as a “token gesture” and a waste of money, Mr Palmer announced he would support the government’s $2.55 billion emissions reduction fund, the centrepiece of the plan. He capitulated on his demand for the introduction of an emissions trading scheme that would be zero rated until major international competitors moved on climate change… … “


bernie Poor Bernie what will his Climate Change Authority inquiry into an ETS do? Whatever the theory, there is now no real “Trading” of emissions. The price collapsed, as did the market, as did the trading.

Carbon credits market is neither free nor worth anything
Joanne Nova |
The Australian  |
July 31, 2013 12:00AM

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