Posted by: Grant | November 12, 2014

China US Climate Non-Deal

CCapture-1hina has indulged the lame duck US President with a meaningless “deal” on “emissions”

US and China strike climate change deal 
Business Spectator

The deadline for Mr Obama’s new pledge is in more than a decade’s time but he only has two years left in his presidency and faces a Congress controlled by Republicans in both houses, which will make passing crucial environmental legislation more difficult.”

“Climate change does not feature on the agenda at the Brisbane summit, which will bring together the largest economies in the world and the biggest emitters.

Climate change was on the agenda at the previous eight G20 summits.”

It is so amusing to see the AUS ABC greenies getting all excited by this non-deal.

Obama has been reduced to making policy on the run abroad.

The Congress will actively act to resist Obama’s climate change folly. It will certainly not approve any measures. The opinion polls clearly show the public don’t care.
China has not committed even to a specific amount of cuts, instead just setting a vague goal to peak emissions by 2030 or earlier.



EDITORIAL: China’s climate con is another Obama scam
President’s greatest foreign ‘breakthrough’ would cripple the U.S. economy
By THE WASHINGTON TIMES – – Wednesday, November 12, 2014

” …What this agreement does is provide convenient cover for the Environmental Protection Agency as it prepares to take unprecedented unilateral action to shut down power plants with new rules on ozone, cross-state air pollution and power plant “greenhouse gas” emissions.

If these rules are allowed to take effect, a pummeled economy will take still greater hits. Carbon dioxide will take a dive along with the economy. To what end? Mr. Obama says “it puts us on a path to achieving the deep emissions reductions by advanced economies that the scientific community says is necessary to prevent the most catastrophic effects of climate change.”

Mr. Obama doesn’t enumerate what said “effects” are, and for a reason. There aren’t any. The planet hasn’t warmed for 18 years, the seas aren’t rising, there haven’t been any killer hurricanes since 2005. None of the predictions of climate doom have come true, or even close.

China’s promise isn’t new. The Cato Institute’s Patrick J. Michaels observes that China pledged to reduce carbon dioxide at a United Nations climate conference in Copenhagen five years ago. China understands the deal, like the talk, is meaningless. The members of China’s Central Committee can laugh at the gum-chewing rube who has thrown away America’s global economic advantage. The Chinese leaders are grateful, of course. He has given them the opportunity to catch up.”



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