Posted by: Grant | November 28, 2014

Vile Obscenity On Lateline.

In NSW nearly 33,000 households, or one in one hundred, had their power cut off in 2013-14, up 32 per cent on a year earlier and more than double the levels of 2009-10.
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Yet the leftists at “Lateline” put up this retired business executive with her million dollar view, gazing over her million dollar green acreage to Byron Bay.
She is pushing a trendy scheme which requires yet more unaffordable power to save-da-planet for those tens of thousands of people who cannot pay for it as it is.

Lateline – 26-11-2014 New Age energy


Lateline fails to point out that the already expensive power that she advocates requires a miracle energy storage system for when the sun don’t shine and the wind don’t blow. Until that miracle invention, her “New Age Energy” must be duplicated by fossil fuel generation which has had its cost efficiency and efficacy totally destroyed by being forced to idle on standby for long periods.

The greenies at AUS ABC should have listened to this (below) warning from Malcolm Turnbull instead of actively pushing the partisan ALP political tactic of trying to force “Climate” onto the G20 agenda.
They then may not have provoked the exasperated Liberals into breaking an election promise and including The ABC in the swingeing budget cuts.

Capture-2 Turnbull Warns The ABC

“…and the Legislation, section 8 in fact, requires the ABC News and Current Affairs to be accurate and ojective and balanced… “

33,000 people had their power cut off, 400 people at the ABC lost their jobs, and rural viewers and listeners have lost their coverage, all FER NUTHIN’. How much more damage are these bourgeois trendy intellectuals going to do before they finally realise NOBODY CARES – the public have moved on?



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