Posted by: Grant | December 9, 2014

Lima – Global Governance Crashes & Burns

Saving the furniture.
Ajunket2t their pre-Paris-COP junket, fringe leftists persisted in the putsch for global governance at the UN but got short shrift from the center-left who do not want a repeat of the embarrassment at Copenhagen.

High Farce.
Like China, delegates will commit to “targets” to get some kind of diplomatic resu
lt. None of them will meet their target, of course, and there will be no governance or even scrutiny.
The main idea is to keep the huge “Renewables” industry going and the huge research industry going in the hope that pouring money into it will eventually make it viable.
Finding an “alternative” to the multi-trillion dollar, intrinsic, energy infrastructure built up over the last century is big-government socialism to end all big-government socialism, the mother lode of “The Left”.

China and India have classified themselves as poor and are demanding that the Developed World pay them a large part of $100bil. p. a. to be green.
Don’t hold your breath.
The US Congress will laugh at it.
After disabling their industry to save-da-planet, the EU are struggling to keep their economy going.
Russia is reeling from the crash in oil.
Japan is geriatric and will not be donating anything to the Dragon and neither will Korea

China rejects US-sought carbon pledge review at UN climate talks
Negotiators seek to remove draft provisions for targets to be subject to other countries’ scrutiny
PUBLISHED : Monday, 08 December, 2014, 3:22am
UPDATED : Monday, 08 December, 2014, 3:22am

POSTSCRIPT – Aussie politics at Lima – The Australian P. M. originally took the party leadership with the support of “the right”. When elected, they got the stupid idea that the electorate had given them a right-wing mandate and went on a rightist rampage, despite not winning the Senate – Durh!
P.M. Howard stayed studiously in the centre-right for three terms – until “Work Choices” – nuff said!

Plummeting polls have forced them back to the center-right and this is refected in a modified international stance on “Climate”.
Basically this is a small target policy – doing as little as possible with no more outright defiance.
The leftist Climate Change Minister was not sent to Lima and a trivial $200 million was found from the foreign aid budget to donate to the “Climate” fund.


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