Posted by: Grant | December 12, 2014

Chu Down Under – BORING!

I confess that I could not endure all of this arrogant, supercilious, condescending and turgid discourse from the Former US Secretary of Energy.

I felt sorry for the journalists who sat through cliché after boring cliché and could not get to ask their questions as he raved on well overtime and had to be pulled up.


This little snippet from it sums him up well –
“So, I’m a professor and I’m gonna ask you some true and false questions.
Don’t look so nervous, there’ll be no maths.
So, true or false, renewable energy will be more expensive than fossil fuels for at least a decade. How many believe that is true?…
how many believe that is false?
alright, and about half did vote.
uh, uh. I should have said you have to take the quiz.
So let me tell you what happens in the United States…”

“a good measure of the real cost is what is in the contracts (sic – with utilities)”

“because wind has become far cheaper than new coal and is going to become far cheaper than new natural gas. I emphasise the word new.”

A good measure of what the “real cost is”, is what the consumer pays, professor!
Wind has become far cheaper to produce than coal because it has been heavily subsidised and coal has been heavily penalised in the U.S. and what it costs to produce is distorted by forcing “new coal” power stations to idle for extended periods while the wind blows and the sun shines. Forcing extremely expensive wind power on the consumer and destroying the efficiency of “new coal” power in the process has caused the cost of power to skyrocket. “Production cost” is just a manipulated statistic.

His solution to the energy storage problem? Nuclear – so we have very expensive nuclear power stations sitting idle while wind and solar pump very expensive power into the Grid. (Rapidly cranking up and down nuclear power plants when wind fails is positively dangerous!)

HE IS ASKED – “why climate change is a left/right issue”. To which he replies “I don’t know” and then waffles on about the Left being more progressive while “conservatives” don’t want change.

WRONG – Our energy infrastructure — “coal mines, oil and gas fields, refineries, pipelines, trains, trucks, tankers, filling stations, power plants, transformers, transmission and distribution lines, and hundreds of millions of gasoline, kerosene, diesel, and fuel oil engines — constitutes the costliest and most extensive set of installations, networks, and machines that the world has ever built, one that has taken generations and tens of trillions of dollars to put in place.”
Finding an “alternative” to this multi-trillion dollar, intrinsic, energy infrastructure built up over the last century and forcing it into place is big-government socialism to end all big-government socialism, the mother lode of “The Left”.
Conservatives have genuinely tried “renewables” and been dismayed at the failure.


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