Posted by: Grant | December 22, 2014

There Goes Your Property Value.

Brisbane City is expanding onto its low-lying coastal islands, so you can imagine the outrage when the Greenies on the local Council decided to ignore the present measured  sea-level rise of 3.2mm a year and accept the most dire predictions of the UN IPCC of 8.8mm per year making a huge part of the islands about to be flooded.

When the Minister, quite reasonably, wrote to them and told them not to accept theoretical sea-level rises, the Climate Industry rallied with the usual glossy, trust-me-i’m-a-scientist, report.

Nine News - FAILIn an item on mainstream Nine News Sat. 20th Dec. it is claimed –
“We know that by the end of the century we will have an extra one metre of sea level along the coastline.”
LIE – we know no such thing – page 10 of their own glossy report (link above) – says that the alarmist UN IPCC only claims that the sea level will rise somewhere between 0.26M and 1.2M by the year 2100.

It is also claimed…
“Sea Level rise are among the most certain effects of climate change and there is a 97% consensus that climate change is happening, now.”
LIE – there is a 100% consensus that climate always changes. Nobody claims that the Earth’s climate is ever static. It is constantly either warming or cooling. It has, however, been fairly static on average for the last 15 years or so, probably as we transition from a slight rise since the 1970s, when there was a global cooling scare, to a new cool period. As for anthropogenic climate change, we have only seen normal natural variations. Nothing special. No significant trend yet.

Satellites measure the sea level rise at a trivial 3.2mm per year. (32cm – 1foot – per century)

There has been no acceleration in the measured sea level rise in the satellite record, despite a rapidly accelerating rise in CO2 “emissions”.

Global Warming predictions were wrong, the Globe stopped warming, and until a confirmed cause of “the pause” is found the UN IPCC cannot claim any accuracy at all in citing any modeling of sea level rise over the next century.

Sorry to all the property owners out there – Climate Change is causing a huge amount of damage and it hasn’t even started yet!



  1. I guess I am glad I live near the arctic circle, because if the ‘Greenies’ are correct it will soon have a climate very similar to Nebraska, USA.

  2. Yes, we never hear about any good effects do we. It’s always bad. It won’t be soon, they’ve had to stretch it out to 2100 now. I hate to tell you Pete, but the sunspots have gone – we could well be entering another Little Ice Age. Rug up!

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