Posted by: Grant | January 4, 2015

Is The Pope A Catholic?

(Adjective – catholic – including a wide variety of things; all-embracing)

They call this the silly season, when all the real journos go home to the family. This year the greenies have jumped into the void and we have had several items pop up in the mainstream media e.g. – South Australia, Victoria bushfires a reminder for Government to address climate change Milne – ABC News

One of the most prominent and bizarre is a push by liberals in the Catholic Church to get the Pope to support rich middle class activists on Climate Change.

Vatican: Pope Francis wants the world leaders to reach an agreement on Global Warming
January 3, 2015

imagesRMW6Y6FHWill the Pope undo his huge popularity by telling the African peasant that they must continue cooking over a poisonous cooking fire until they can afford a $20,000 wind turbine or a $10,000 solar panel plus battery inverter system?
Or tell the Brazilian slum dweller that their power bill must “necessarily skyrocket“?
Or the Indian taxi driver that his $2,900 Padmimi Premier is frying the planet and he needs a trendy $30,000 Prius?
Or the British poor that they must continue to rug up to save-da-planet in a freezing winter because they cannot afford heating?
Or even tell the 33,000 people in the Australian State of NSW, who had their power cut off last year because they couldn’t pay the bill, that they must do more to save-da-planet?

Will the Pope really go from hero to zero by condemning the world’s poor to a life without electricity?

Well, he does deal in miracles.

Perhaps he has the miracle solution to storing the extremely expensive “Renewable” power when the wind don’t blow and the Sun don’t shine. That will certainly make him a saint.

POSTSCRIPT – Wait ’till June – Greenies did not get “Climate Change” up on this trip.


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