Posted by: Grant | January 24, 2015

Queensland Election

Ignoring the very successful deafening silence on the issue from the Victorian ALP, the Queensland ALP have reminded voters that their power bills have doubled and that the few solar panels on their roofs, that they were conned into buying, are not helping.
Voters will also be reminded that the LNP tried to reverse the power bills rort but the ALP had locked them in.

To add insult to injury they then promise a billion dollar useless 40MW solar power station to go with the billion dollar usless desalination plant sitting moth-balled on a day when the dams are overflowing.

Anna, dear, you really need to focus-group these issues more!

This article –
Queensland Election 2015 Labor releases solar policy
– really insults the voter by contending that “…It estimated that (sic Labor Government feed in tarrif) policy makes up about 6 per cent of the average household electricity bill…”
The average voter is not stupid. Their power bill has doubled. Their power bill has doubled to save-da-planet.

Queensland power bills doubled because the solar panels have destroyed the efficency of the coal power stations and Labor gave the power companies a licence to print money.

The power supply engineers in Queensland will be begging any new Labor Government not to further disrupt the power generators by tripling the intermittent surge from solar panels.


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