Posted by: Grant | January 27, 2015

HA HA HA – U Do Get a Laugh Sometimes!

antarctic2These 23 greenies return from their Antarctic Junket after NOT finding any Global Warming!

Antarctica’s Totten Glacier, twice the size of Victoria, ‘melting from below’ – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

“But he said it was too soon to tell if the glacier was melting as a result of a changing global climate.”

But they could see where it had been!

They discovered that the liquid water beneath the ice was warmer than the frozen water in the ice – brilliant!

How much did we pay for this, again?!

They will spend more millions torturing the data they collected until they do find some Global Warming and keep going down there until they find the required Global Warming.

That may be somewhat futile, considering the Antarctic sea ice is the highest “on record”!

Antarctic Sea Ice hits another record 900,000 square kilometers above average « JoNova

In a TV interview the scientist admitted that it was shear good luck that they got anywhere near the Glacier!

These Greenies really do need a new Raison d’être – the Chinese will soon start to eclipse them with some real science out of the continent.



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