Posted by: Grant | February 1, 2015

Sceptics In Trouble Downunder

~meThe ALP/Greens look like winning Government in the large Aussie State of Queensland and this is putting huge pressure on the P.M. Tony Abbott and the rightists in the conservative Liberal Party.

Why do we have to depend on Rightists for Climate scepticism?

The Queensland win was despite “saving-da-planet”, not because of it.
“Climate” hardly rated a mention – it is a dead issue with voters.

B8tZM5kCAAAo_RJThere are a lot of theories why they are in trouble of course but I see two main reasons, one is that Tony Abbott doesn’t know how to be Prime Minister – he didn’t consolidate their position. He became overwhelmed by his own importance.
The other reason is that both conservative Governments tried to pull the old Its-worse-than-we-thought-we-now-need-savage-cuts routine. (well, if you didn’t know the true fiscal position you should have known and should not have made promises!)

AndruBoltAndrew Bolt attacks Tony Abbott over ‘pathetically stupid’ Prince Philip knighthood


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