Posted by: Grant | February 22, 2015

Global Governance

Here is some support for my contention on the sidebar of this blog that “Climate” is a massive plot to institute global governance by Leftists via the UN.

The UN Climate End Game
Anthony Watts / 3 days ago February 18, 2015 
Guest opinion by David Archibald

g“Everybody Wants To Rule The World” was a 1985 song by Tears For Fears. Now in 2015, a number of parties are doing their best to that end – ISIS in the Middle East, Russia chewing up the Ukraine, China in the East and South China Seas and the UN Climate Change Commission. A draft document out of Geneva gives details of the UN plan to rule the world.

ISIS, Putin, China et. al. are already constrained by international pressures, especially economic, this makes the threat of global governance a real worry. It is a worry because it is essentially anti-human.

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